Malifaux March Madness Round 3

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Re: Malifaux March Madness Round 3

Post by Solicitor 6 » Thu May 03, 2018 1:28 pm

Vik and Taelor stood itching at the doorway of their latest temporary headquarters, fingers twisting anxiously at their swords and hammer respectively. Across the way, they could see the man riding a dragon. They could vaguely make out a couple of other members of the 10 Thunders, including the large bald mentor.

"Remember the plan you two," Vik warned her sister and colleague as she finished loading her pistol. "Last time we bull-rushed at them, they were able to split us apart, pick us off one-by-one, and ransack our place."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Vik responded. " "Controlled chaos,' got it."

"Come on Vik, I can feel her out there. That hole in her head is practically begging me on." Taelor was bouncing up and down now.

"All in good time." the lead Vik smiled and with a head nod, the Hodgepodge Effigy leapt out of the window of the hideout and started scurrying in a circuitous route toward the two crates of supposed soulstones that were just "left" by an errant Guild cart driver. This was soon followed by the odd little, almost corgi-like void wretch disappearing through the wall and running away from everything else.

Vik held a spyglass up and watched what the early actions were causing the 10 Thunders to do. Nothing much. A couple foot soldiers making a few moves, one leaving a marker at their location. The girl with the freaky hair just out of sight.

"Time to kick the hornet's nest" Vik said and pushed the buzzer just inside the door.

A distinct crack was heard above her as Hans fired a shot across the field. While it went wide of the dragon rider, the bullet clearly spooked those in charge.

"Now." Vik directed, and slowly the base emptied. Sue made his way to meet up with the Effigy. Big Jake dropped a note on the floor and made his way out. Taelor went toward the second crate of soulstones. Her hairs crackled as she felt the tear in reality. But this time, she took joy in the feeling of the tear seeming to open, then close before re-opening just out of her line of sight.

"Never scared a devil before."

The two Viks strolled their way forward toward a creature made of stone.

The dragon flew forward with amazing speed, looking to strike down Taelor. She easily used the relic hammer to fend off his first series of blows. A second series of strikes connected, but seemed to do nothing but wind up the hammer wielder. She cracked her neck and then started pounding at beast and rider with more blows than thought possible, all the while, keeping an eye on the tear in reality.

The dragon and his rider were so distracted by the hammer wielding beauty, they completely missed the two Viks sidling up next to them, felling them as one. With her backswing, Vik of Blood also took out the obsidian man, brushing off his explosive demise like it never happened.

And as if to be a constant reminder, Hans would open fire on a couple of targets on the field.

Vik noticed several of the members of the 10 Thunders were emptying their pockets a good distance away from her crew. She smiled.

"They're leaving behind the important stuff, go get it." she called out.

Big Jake walked right up to the terrifying young woman with the hole in her head and picked up the documents she had been told to discard by Sensei Yu. He calmly stood there as her hair snared him and the mouth at the back of her head swallowed him whole. She called forth another rock creature and a green monkey. Taelor, for all her fury, remembered the plan and held her ground. At the right moment, she let loose with an uppercut to the Obsidian Oni, knocking him backwards, followed by a deft blocking of the monkey. She then felt a bullet whiz by her as the rock man exploded, followed by another one that landed right between the monkey's eyes, causing it to go up in a puff of smoke. Taelor turned behind her, looked up at Hans' perch and gave him a smile and big old thumbs up. As she turned around, she watched as the Effigy fearlessly stabbed at a one of those giant spider men and ran between its legs as the monstrosity began to dissolve into nothing.

The 10 Thunder Brother who had been trying to flank into the Viks hideout had been hearing far too many screams in his native language. He nervously peaked around the corner of his hiding place only to come face to face with a creepily grinning Vik of Blood. He swung his weapons furiously, forgetting all his training staring into that smile. Vik put him out of his misery quickly before going over and picking up the 10 Thunders little toy and leaving one of her own. She turned to watch her sister walk up and blow away a little demon that was looking confused at the way things were falling apart.

Vik of Ashes smiled as the crouching little creature evaporated at contact with her bullet. With her view clear, she could see the Void Wretch emerge from the farthest building, with Big Jake suddenly in toe, dropping their mark and picking up more of the abandoned evidence.

Sensei Yu used every bit of his skill to bend out of the way of Sue's bullets. He was impressed with the man's focus and concentration. His survey of the field caused him to heave a heavy sigh. Save for Asami and a couple of her newly manifested pets, there was no one left. The soulstones were a lost cause. All that was left was to get into the Viks' new lair and grab whatever he could in a hurry, like a common thief. Taking a page from Asami, he blinked out of existence, and found himself in the now empty hideout. It was completely empty, save for a note on the floor.

"Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, prepare a mass funeral."

Yu dropped the note as a bullet pierced the hand holding it. He watched as Hans was already slinging the weapon and moving to reconvene with the Viks and the rest of the team, satisfied in giving the 10 Thunders a taste of their own medicine.

Viks 8
Asami 6
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Re: Malifaux March Madness Round 3

Post by cidewithme » Thu May 03, 2018 10:37 pm

Confirming John's report and commending him on both an awesome story and a well-played game. The Viks were able to keep me off one of the stash markers while keeping themselves out of harm's reach really effectively, denying those critical strat points, and, with Hans having a clear site on much of the action (as he can see through the stash markers with his goggles!), Asami was pretty reigned in, especially since I took the flicker upgrade. Also, for all intents and purposes, we referred to the Void Wretch as Ein.
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