Malifaux March Madness round 2

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Re: Malifaux March Madness round 2

Post by cidewithme » Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:02 pm

C'mon, you lot, get that cart movin'. We got a deadline to keep with that Brillianced shine," Lynch drawled, not quite looking Yamaziko in the eyes; the woman unnerved him somehow.

"I'll take the girl who spits demons out of her head over this guy any day," Yamaziko muttered to her comrades, a Monk of Low River and a Ten Thunders Brother, breaking her usual composure to give a nasty glare at the Beckoner standing nearby in the woods.

Suddenly, Hoarcat Prides burst out of the surrounding ruins as a feral roar emanated from behind a cart that was barreling towards the cart of brillianced liquor. "The hell," Lynch muttered as a heavily muscled man with very dark skin and a large shillelagh appeared from behind the cart with an equally massive three-headed sabertooth tiger. "Marcus, what are you doing here!?

"You will take your abominable taint from my lands this instant or face my wrath!" Marcus roared.

"Suit y'self," Lynch said. "Gun 'em down." With that a burst of fire spat from an oversized gattling gun atop the shoulders of a man dressed in full samurai regalia. Through all the bullets, however, Marcus kept his resolve, seeming to amp up more and more with each shot, many swinging wide and hitting a hoarcat pride."

Then Lynch's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt Sensei Yu push him forward towards the carts and the Hungering Darkness burst forth, willing the sabertooth to take a swing on Marcus. "Huh, can't control your own pets, beastmaster?" Lynch said, watching Miranda sneak up to the mess of carts through the Hungering Darkness's sight. "Oh, no you don't touch my merchandise, Honey." Lynch said to himself, reaching into Miranda's soul with his darkness while simultaneously lining up shots on a hoarcat pride with his Derringers, felling the beasts. Then three aces shot from his sleeves, disappearing through the cart and puncturing through Miranda's lungs. "Dang, missed the heart," Lynch spat right as Miranda's dying body shifted into a second Sabertooth Cerberus.

As Lynch and company made short work of the second Cerberus, a giant man on mechanical spider legs burst forth, cutting the Hungering Darkness, who Marcus finished off, then Yamaziko and the Ten Thunders Brother in half. "That's gonna cost you, Professor," Lynch said to Marcus, as he gathered the darkness back in and let it spill into Howard Langston. "Millie, finish this one off, Lynch called to the Beckoner, as he started to stroll in the direction -Marcus was running. "I am going to have some words with the professor over there."

With Sensei Yu's help, Lynch caught up to Marcus, cornering him behind a rundown, abandoned shack. "I'll have you know," Lynch began, "that-"

"You will not corrupt this land," Marcus interrupted, growling through clenched teeth as blood loss began to cloud his vision.

"On Contrare," Lynch retorted. "You've no say in this matter. Now, as I was trying to say, you just killed the new Oyabun's master. She ain't gonna like that. In fact, she might get very cross with me. Now I'm tellin' you this cause I'm gonna bring your head to try and appease her and you ain't gonna tell another soul." And with that, darkness swallowed Marcus.

In a really close game with some great positioning and tactics on both sides, Jakob Lynch was able to eke out the win over Marcus 6-5.
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Re: Malifaux March Madness round 2

Post by Corwin » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:21 pm

Luicus decided to take his new pet to the Carnival to see Mr. Coopers show. We he got there he was admiring the wagons and decided to take them. He ordered the Ramone sisters to start taking the wagons out of the the fairgrounds. After pushing the wagon Elli not liking the looks of the clown with a wheelbarrow of TNT charged at him. Luicus's new pet wanted to play so the large Nephilim tagged along. Instead of playing with the clown his eye was caught by a large snake with spines all over it, so he ran over to it instead. Once he got to the snake the easily distracted beast saw a large purple ape with a cute hat that it had to have. Throwing the snake asides he ran up to the grape ape and tried to take his hat. The snake silithed away and pushed wagons away from the exit. Bady Kade seeing a giant bunny wanted to get himself a lucky foot ran up to it killing it.
Luicus ordered the Ramone sisters to keeping pushing the wagons. The strong man Mercury pulled the Doppelganger to him who stood and stared at him in awe. Willie throwing dynamite around takes out Elli as the Snake ate Patti. The Nephilim takes out Cojo to claim his hat. Luicus gets his hands dirty charging Willie taking out the clown and pushes the wagon back over the center line. Baby Kade with his new rabbit foot wants a snake skin diaper so charger the snake killing him.
The Nephilim charges Mr. Cooper only dealing 1 wound. Luicus orders the Nephilm to attack Parker (Angelica) killing him. Cooper dissappers and ends up on the other side of the fairgrounds. The doppelganger mimics the Nephilm attack taking out Mercury.
With only Cooper left Kade, the Doppelganger, and the Nephilm combined efforts to take him out as Luicus strolls into Coopers deployment zone.

Luicus wins 7-3
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Re: Malifaux March Madness round 2

Post by Ynysley » Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:07 am

When is the next round going up?

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Re: Malifaux March Madness round 2

Post by WildBorr » Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:23 am

I think we're still waiting for Kevin and Jonah to play

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Re: Malifaux March Madness round 2

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:35 am

Yep, Jonah and I will be playing tomorrow, so the next round will be up tomorrow night.
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