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New info

Postby Lakomasoi » Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:13 pm

This was updated to the Tomb Kings release part of GW with new pics on the skele warriors, horsemen and chariots. So this confirms Cruddace as the author ( tyranids, IG)

With the Tomb Kings stirring from their ancient slumbers we decided it was time to prise open the skull-adorned sarcophagus in the Design Studio and awaken the mummified corpse of the new book's author, Robin Cruddace, to share with us a few words on why the Tomb Kings are one of his favourite armies. From his cadaverous lips he thusly spake:

I've been a fan of the Undead ever since the days of the Citadel Skeleton Army box, but when they were split into two separate forces, my desiccated heart was firmly with the vengeful Tomb Kings of Nehekhara. There's so much about the Tomb Kings I find fascinating; their blood-soaked history, their obsession with death and the fantastical landscape of Nehekhara - the fabled Land of the Dead itself. However, the armies of Tomb Kings have enthralled me because they are made not of tribes, or hordes, or mobs, but legions. The very word conjures up images in my mind of a vast number of disciplined soldiers, all advancing to war in perfect stride to conquer their foes for the greater glory of Nehekhara. Indeed, the eternal legions of the Tomb Kings comprise rank upon rank of skeletal soldiers - great phalanxes of gleaming bone decorated with bronze and gold - regiments of Undead cavalry and gilded chariots, mummified heroes and immortal kings, and towering war-statues carved in the images of mythical monsters and ancient gods. Come May, the Tomb Kings will awaken once again. They are the true monarchs of the dead, and they are coming to reclaim their rightful dominion over the world.

Robin-hotep, Scribe of the Desert

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