They're here!

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Re: They're here!

Postby Lakomasoi » Mon May 23, 2011 12:59 pm

thats the TK site I used and surprisingly they are pretty good and nice people right now cause the site was just revived due to the release.

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Re: They're here!

Postby Kinne » Mon May 23, 2011 1:29 pm

And worse comes to worst, while few people here play Tomb Kings, we have a lot of collective 8th edition experience, which can certainly be helpful. But you're right -- playing games is really the best way to figure out what will and won't work, and what best matches your play style.
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Re: They're here!

Postby Snowflake » Sat May 28, 2011 11:53 pm

So, haven't been able to play one yet (hopefully I'll be free for one next weekend), but I've talked to people that have, and watched/read a lot of battle reports. There are a lot of varying armies out there, but the following common strengths have been emerging:

1) We can get a surprising number of spells off. Everyone takes the casket, of course, and nearly every opponent is saving an inordinate number of their dispel dice to stop it. This will probably change in the future, but right now at least, almost nobody is stopping movement, smiting, or protection. Killing blow gets stopped sometimes, Dessication draws out a lot of dice if you throw it, but other than that, an overload approach seems to work really well. A combo of Grand Heirophant Khatep, the Casket, and perhaps a Heirotitan, and you will consistently get off 2-3 spells every turn. In short, this is NOT an army to chuck all your dice at one spell and try to IF it.

2) My Will Be Done makes skeletons disgusting, and nobody seems to expect it (including TK players themselves). Most of the battle reports, they are taking the usual tarpit approach with the skeleton block, and then are surprised when the skeletons win. A King means everyone hits on 3's and gets hit on 5's, unless you make a terrible tactical blunder and get them into combat against something they really shouldn't be fighting. Running a horde of HW/S skellies is cheaper than dirt, and the King himself can put out serious punishment (or tie up the opposing character in a Duel). All in all, they have been a surprising sleeper hit.

3) Stalkers make decent war machine killers, but fantastic monster slayers. I've seen numerous reports where the stalkers have popped up and gazed a large number of wounds off of big bads. A surprising number of them are Initiative 1. I personally don't like these guys that much, but I am finding it harder and harder to argue with their results.

4) Necropolis Knights have been rock stars in the few games I've seen them used in, though I will note that most people don't take them. I can't figure out why, though I have noticed a lot of people think they look like surfers and don't like the models. Not me, I love them. I want to see more reports with these in them, I think they will play out as one of our best units. This is even more true when combined with point 1 above, since you can be reasonably sure to get a Smiting off on them, which benefits them immensely as it adds 1 to both rider and mount.

5) In case anyone wasn't paying attention, the Casket rules, and is probably underpriced. You should expect to have it never get the spell off, but it's funny watching the opponent save 4 or more dice for it while the spells you care about sneak through unhindered.

6) We already knew this, but most opponents still expect us to behave like Vampires when they kill our Heirophant. Often they are badly out of position when they remember that Tomb Kings stick around after you kill our animator.

Those are the strengths I've noticed. I've also noticed that Tomb Guard never seem to perform as well as I wish they did. The Banner of the Undying Legion is a waste of points, and sucks up power dice better used elsewhere. It is most often taken in an effort to force the Tomb Guard to carry the day. I've also seen a distinct lack of Chariots, which saddens me. I plan to run them, and wanted to see how well they do.

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