Dwarf MSU ... is this daft?

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Dwarf MSU ... is this daft?

Postby thade » Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:20 pm

These aren't Elves of any variety...they're Dwarves. What do you think of this hair-brained idea?

Instead of

25 hammerers FC
25 hammerers FC
25 longbeards FC

how about

20 hammerers FC
20 hammerers FC
5 hammerers
5 hammerers
25 longbeards


Now I still have three units with decent ranks, but two small units for counter-charging when my larger blocks get hit. Less juicy targets for dwellers, harder to template...but fodder for arrows and bullets, I fear.

I really need to get these guys on a table, haha. I won't really understand the game until a few thousand of my dwarves have died horribly.
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Re: Dwarf MSU ... is this daft?

Postby Commander_Jay » Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:25 pm

Units of 5 are not good flankers. Sure they'll get +1 to combat res, but you'd like to also deny the enemy their rank bonus. That requires two full ranks in your flanking unit. So at least 10 Dwarves. But 10 is too little, because your opponent will deal some wounds, and drop you to less than 10. So between 15 and 20 is great for flanking. Big enough to deny ranks, and keep them denied until reduced to below 10 models.
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